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Please write to: Alaskan Owned with any comments, questions, or concerns. Quyana (thank you in Central Yup'ik) for your interest in the Alaskan Owned and Operated Clothing Co.


Becky Strub, Owner

Quick Bio. (let me save you a trip to LinkedIn).

We moved to Alaska when I was a child... my dad got that "call of the wild" and transported us from southern California. Valdez is home, but I've also lived in Anchorage and Fairbanks. C'mon now, Interior winters aren't that cold! Smile.

I'm a twelve year veteran of the USAF: serving four years active duty and eight years in the National Guard. I have a Bachelor of Science in Public and Social Service, received cum laude in 1997 from Kennesaw State University (just north of Atlanta, GA). During my post-military years, I was employed by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company at the Valdez Marine Terminal. From 2000 - present, I worked part-time occasionally, but focused more on volunteer gigs that meshed with my schedule while raising a family.
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